Here our picks from projects we have worked on in the past...

High-end Kitchen Appliance

February 2014 - Mai 2019, Customer: Conplement AG

Helped to create and launch enormously successful premium class kitchen appliance with 12 cooking functions (cut, mix, cook, fry, steam-cook etc.) as well as guided cooking functionality and built-in scale. The appliance is built upon quad-core SoC running latest Yocto based embedded Linux. Device is utilizing big color touch-display, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity and is connected to a number of custom cloud services.

Project Tasks
  • Designing overall system architecture

  • Developing device drivers for custom hardware (touch screen, phase-loss detection, NAND flash, rotary controller)

  • Designing a security layer together with SoC vendor utilizing hardware based crypto engine

  • Designing a layer for provisioning of client TLS certificates

    Worked on several critical sub-systems: hot-plug device manager, WiFi manager

  • Optimizing a layer responsible for storing and fetching searchable data in the PostgreSQL database

  • System profiling and identifying performance bottlenecks

    Production support, developing special firmware bootable via USB image for in-factory device provisioning

    Cloud Storage Solution iOS Client App

    September 2018 - Present, Customer: ownCloud GmbH

    We at Neuwert Media are working with one of the leading cloud storage providers to create the best in the market iOS client for their server product. The application is developed in latest version of Swift and is utilizing most of the modern iOS features like multitasking on iPad, drag and drop, integration with Apple’s Files App etc.

    Projekt Tasks
    • UX / UI development

    • PDF viewer development

    • MDM integration, integration of 3rd party VPN solutions, AppConfig

    • Developing networking code

    • Integration with iOS photo library

      End-of-Line iOS Test Application

      August 2019 - February 2020, Customer: Conplement AG

      Developed an iOS application allowing to perform end-of-line testing of the kitchen appliance in the factory using Bluetooth LE as well as to update the device with the latest firmware.

      BLE Hearing Aids Test Application

      September 2017 - August 2018, Customer: Oxford Global Resources Ltd.

      Worked with leading hearing aids manufacturer producing MFi certified hearing aids allowing streaming of audio via Bluetooth Low Energy. The requirement was to create comprehensive test toolkit application for internal use allowing to program, fine-tune and to update the devices under test (DUT).

      Car Sharing iOS Application

      March 2016 - Mai 2018, Customer: insertEFFECT GmbH

      Worked with a client on a car sharing platform which could have been tuned to needs of different car sharing operators. Neuwert Media was solely responsible for development of the iOS client for this platform.

      Project Tasks
      • UI / UX development

      • Developing client code interfacing with RESTful cloud services

      • Working closely with a supplier providing a solution bridging mobile phone via BLE to the car electronics. Created a library abstracting low level interfaces and key management for the iOS app.

      • Worked on a security concept for the iOS application.

        LTE Location Services Development

        Mai 2013 - December 2013, Customer: Undisclosed

        Worked together with one of the biggest wireless baseband chip makers on their LTE 4G platform. Implemented assisted GPS solution over LTE. Performed location services platform bring up against Spirent test platform.

        Project Tasks

        Software development within LTE LPP model and ASN.1 encoder / decoder using Embedded C.

        Location platform bring-up at customer site in Bangalore, testing with Spirent ULTS equipment.

        Freelance consultancy as iOS Developer (2009-2015)