Mobile Applications

Native, great user experience

End to end app development for iOS and Android: from idea to the final shippable product. We create a UX concept, design world class UI and wrap it with modern software architecture. We use latest technology and tools. Our apps are optimized for performance, low memory use and long battery life to make your users happy.


Embedded Systems

Smart, connected, energy-efficient

We can develop an entirely new system and help you choose suitable hardware components or extend your existing system. We have a lot of experience working with embedded Linux / Yocto. But we also have worked on systems running on FreeRTOS and similar systems (Zephyr OS, Nucleus etc.). We will develop drivers for custom hardware, create business logic and top-notch HMI if your system has a display. We will connect your device to other devices or internet utilizing WiFi, Ethernet or Bluetooth (or any other technologies).


MFI & HomeKit

Development, integration, certification

We are holding MFi development license and can help you with development of new smart home devices compatible with Apple’s HomeKit or help you extend your existing device whether using IP (Ethernet, WiFi) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity.

As mobile application development experts we can also develop a companion application for your accessory or family of accessories.

Please note that even accessories which are already in the market can be extended with HomeKit compatibilty using software based authentication as Apple has dropped mandatory requirement to add their proprietary authentication chip as of 2018.


Backend Services

Secure, scalable and fast

Nowadays almost any appliance or an application needs to load data from the remote server or upload data to it. We will create any cloud services you need, connect them to required databases and make them secure and scalable.


Quality Assesment

Architecture and design review

Something went wrong with existing project? We can review your software and asses if the architecture was done the right way. We will come up with a back up plan and either support your team or execute it ourselves if necessary. We can profile your system and find bottle necks and propose how to solve them.